Friends of Mill Field



Mill Field is one of the few remaining green fields within the parish of Market Deeping. Footpath no.2 runs across the middle. Mill Field is owned by Lincolnshire County Council and until 2013 was used annually for the Deeping's Agricultural Show on one weekend in June. For the rest of the year the grassy meadows have been used by the local residents for recreational activities including dog walking, jogging, kite flying, blackberry picking etc. Mill Field is now leased by a tenant farmer.

For the last 20 years or more, with increasing numbers of houses being built in Market Deeping and with the construction of the Deeping's bypass, which effectively cut through the footpath, more and more locals have used Mill Field on a daily basis. Adjacent to Mill Field is Millfield road, the last rural lane in Market Deeping. Many residents enjoy walking or jogging along this road as this too is the country side on our doorstep.


The Friends of Mill Field want to preserve Mill Field as it is so that is is available for recreational use for the residents of Market Deeping and beyond in perpetuity.

On 21st June 2017 we applied for village green status for Mill Field. If successful Mill Field would still belong to Lincolnshire County Council and leased as it is now but it would be protected from development and open for residents' recreational activities as before.

Please join us. Membership is free.

We would be delighted to receive your photos and memories/comments about Mill Field. Please send to if you would like them to be uploaded to the photo gallery here.